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Choreography & Collaborations

A recent collection of live dance, projection installation and performance

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My Process

I am interested in the development and journey of the creative process, especially one that challenges the human form within a mindful and encouraging environment. I notice there is a unique thread that has existed in each of my works, much with the inclusion of texture and set pieces, that questions the human journey around adaptation, resilience, trust, and independent versus communal care.  I enjoy the relationship to physics, and ways of finding new possibilities for each of our thresholds as individual artists working together. It is in my highest interest to choreograph with care, create a nourishing yet transforming environment where dancers are supported, noticed, and appreciated.


understand dance as expression, voice, movement, and empowerment, in addition to social and political commentary.

Hayes Christiensen Theater
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Photo Credit: Aaron Van Cleave

The Rate We Change
American College Dance Association National Conference, 2023

Originial Score by Daniel Clifton

The Rate We Change, 2022, 2023

The Rate We Change is a collaborative piece inspired by the effect of ongoingness within the cyclical nature of our lives. We are an ever-adapting environment that requires patience and courage, effort and ease,. Through the sharing of roles and collective care, adaptation through connection is made possible..

Original Score by Daniel Clifton

*Creative Thesis Research presented at the University of Utah. This creation is also an American College Dance Association adjudicated selected work, chosen to present at the ACDA National Conference 2023.

Seat of Throught, 2022

Duet created at the University of Utah, exploring identity, curiosity, configuration, and rerouting. Object relationship, stream-of-consciousness speaking, choreography, and improvisational choices evolve into a witnessing of individual processing and community choice-making. 


Photo Credit: Bree Robles

Photo Credit: Todd Collins

Alpine Waves, 2021

Alpine Waves is a response to the ongoing impact of Covid-19. It is specifically inspired by journalist Simon Huwiler's visual and audible demonstration of "Crowns and Tears," which depicted the death toll waves in Switzerland due to Covid-19 in 2020. However, we can all share in the all-consuming, ever-shifting, ever-evolving, search for stability through this crisis. How have you landed, or are you still falling? 

*Creator of both projection animation and live performance.

An intimate curated event hosted by Jorgé Rojas through loveDANCEmore Sunday Series at SpyHop

Photo Credit: Jorgé Rojas

Where We Are Left Now, 2021

Work created at the University of Utah, exploring the presence of absence and the desire to connect to those we have lost. This work was inspired by the Wind Phone installation–an unconnected telephone booth in ŌtsuchiIwate Prefecture, Japan, where 1,000's of people come to continue conversations with those missing and deceased due to the Great Tsunami of 2011.

Cast/Shed/Throw, 2020

"When we allow the light within us to shine we give other people permission to allow the light within them to be expressed. Moreover we find that the light within each of us is the same light. One Light. One Source. One Essence."   -Rob Butler

Commissioned by the California State University of Los Angeles, Department of Theatre and Dance. 

 2019 REVERIE: R.E.M., A Figment of One’s Imagination, An Agreeable Place, 2019

Reverie: REM, A FIment of One's Imagination, An Agreeable Oasis is a three-part contemporary ballet choreographed to musical artists, Polo and Pan. Inspired by the many cycles of our dream state–from the hypnotic and calculated state of REM, to a pleasant trip to wonder–our dreams expand imagination. We encounter trance, theory, disillusion, familiarity, and happy bliss. The beauty of allowing ourselves to drift from stage to stage while staying curious...

Commissioned by Bakersfield City Ballet.

Photo credit: Aaron Van Cleave

Carte Blanche, 2019

A solo performance of breaking conventional performance structures. A task at indulging in the mess.

Commissioned by Kern Dance Alliance, presented within the "Ten Tiny Dances" project.

Photo Credit: April & Co. Photographers

Ha-Shi, 2019

Ha-Shi, meaning “bridge,” is about the struggles within our ever-shifting lives and how we choose to confront and overcome them. We gravitate towards environments that bring us comfort and safety. However, it is through the process of building new relationships and adaptation in which we are able to surpass the dependency of our own and consider the limitless.  It is bridging the old to the new and allowing transformation.

Commissioned by The University of Central Oklahoma for their performing dance company, Kaleidoscope. Choreography includes original composition in addition to collaborations with DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion, and Leandro Glory Demasco, Jr. Ha-Shi is an American College Dance Association adjudicated selected work.

Photo Credit: Britt C. Smith

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